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How do you use ZOOM to check models in BIM 360? What improvements have been implemented during the latest BIMcollab Cloud update? And how do you retrieve a ZOOM license? These questions (and more) will be answered in this edition of the BIMcollab Tech TipEnjoy!
How to use ZOOM to check models in BIM 360
With the help of the BIM 360 Desktop Connector, you can use ZOOM to validate models stored in a BIM 360 folder. By connecting to a BIMcollab Cloud project in BIMcollab ZOOM, you can automatically open the models from a BIM 360 folder to check requirements.

Tip: we cover this topic in the upcoming webinar "Enrich BIM 360 with best-in-class model validation and issue coordination"
ZOOM license types explained
Next to ZOOM Free, there are two license types available:
  • Company licenses, which are floating licenses linked to a private BIMcollab Cloud space which can be shared by a maximum of 5 users each. Who can use the licenses is defined by the space administrator through a license pool.
  • Personal licenses, which are linked to your free account on, and can only be used by you.
You can find all the ways to retrieve and use your license in our Helpcenter.
BIMcollab account versus Space account
With the recent update of BIMcollab Cloud, the BIMcollab account has been introduced.

The BIMcollab account is a personal account, based on your email address, which contains your personal information and which is available for every user of BIMcollab Cloud, ZOOM or the BCF Managers. You can access this account from any space you are a participant in.

The accounts in private BIMcollab Cloud spaces have been renamed into Space accounts. The information in this account can be changed by yourself as well as the space administrator.

Security update BIMcollab Cloud
Last weekend, we released an upgrade of BIMcollab Cloud. We focused on security improvements and solved several localization and GUI inconsistencies. Administrators of private BIMcollab Cloud spaces are now able to set additional password requirements for the users. They can make users in the space create a more complex password, and let the users reset their password every once in a predefined period. Besides that, users are now excluded from logging into the space for a short period of time after five failed login attempts. This provides protection against brute force attacks.

For a full list of improvements, consult the release notes.
Filter elements based on multiple properties in the Smart views
The Smart views in BIMcollab ZOOM enable you to show a filtered selection of your model, based on elements’ properties. With the help of the ‘And…’-statement in the rules of the Smart views, you can add multiple properties for the same elements. Only elements which meet all properties in the sequence will be shown in the 3D view. 

For more tips and tricks about Smart views, you can join our upcoming webinar: "Discover Smart Views: the smartest way to start with model validation".
Did you know that …

  • You can sort models in the BIMcollab ZOOM model tree by adding prefixes to the model names?
  • There are a lot of Hotkeys you can use in BIMcollab ZOOM to help you work more efficiently?
  • You can test Clash detection and all other ZOOM features with a BIMcollab ZOOM Trial?
  • Our Helpcenter already has over 220 easily searchable articles?