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How do I manage my clashes with the new Smart Issue feature? Can I easily share my company's Smart views across all projects? How do I check for duplicates in BIMcollab ZOOM? These questions (and more) will be answered in this edition of the BIMcollab Tech Tip. Enjoy!
How to manage clashes with Smart Issues
Earlier this month, new versions of BIMcollab Cloud and BIMcollab ZOOM were released, including the new and innovative Smart Issues.

Report clashes to Smart Issues in BIMcollab ZOOM to keep track of the status of the clashes. The issues know which clashes they represent, and can automatically be checked and updated based on new models.

TIP: sign up for the upcoming webinars about clash management 2.0, starting June 24th.


Copy Smart views, Clash rules and List definitions from an existing project 

When creating a new project in BIMcollab Cloud, you can choose to copy project settings from an existing project in your space. Since the latest update of BIMcollab Cloud, it is also possible to copy Smart views, Clash rules and List definitions which are located in the ‘Shared’ BIMcollab ZOOM folder of the project. 

Easily share company standards across all projects in your space, by setting up a template project which contains all company Smart views, Clash rules and List definitions.
Hide approval, visibility and custom fields for team members 
In Connected and Enterprise plans, there are several additional properties that can be chosen for issues like: 
  • Adding users that need to approve an issue when it is resolved
  • Choosing for which team members the issues are visible 
  • Adding extra information to the issue with the custom fields 
The project leader can enable or disable them in the project’s settings.
Limit assignment of issues with user groups
In a teams with multiple subteams, it is not always necessary that team members can assign issues to all other users in the project. In the settings of the project, the Project leader can decide to limit the assignment of issues, so users can only assign issues to members of their own user groups. Users can be part of multiple groups, making cross-assignment still possible.
Easily check for duplicates in BIMcollab ZOOM
When checking the quality of a BIM model, it is important to check for duplicate components. This way, you make sure there is no redundant information and the quantities of the model are correct. When creating a clash rule in BIMcollab ZOOM, you can determine if the rule checks clashes or duplicates. Clashes and duplicates are shown as separate lists in the clash results.