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You're reading the newest edition of the BIMcollab Tech Tip. It's specially created to share the latest product developments, recommendations, how-to's and inspiration from our BIM Product Specialists. Enjoy!
Adding issues to your favorites lists
In BIMcollab Cloud, as well as BIMcollab ZOOM and the BCF Managers, you have the ability to show a filtered selection of the issues in your project. You can filter for example on the type of issue, who the issue has been assigned to and on labels. Sometimes, the filter function might not be sufficient to show the issues you want. For this reason, BIMcollab also offers the Favorites function. Add issues to one or more favorites lists by using the colored flags. Favorites lists are personal and can be evoked from any application in the BIMcollab Ecosystem. 

Security update: depreciation of older browsers

Make sure to update your browser! For security reasons we will stop supporting these older browsers due to depreciated TLS versions: 
  • Android 4.3 and earlier versions 
  • Firefox version 5.0 and earlier versions 
  • Internet Explorer 8-10 on Windows 7 and earlier versions 
  • Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Phone 8 
  • Safari 6.0.4/OS X10.8.4 and earlier versions 
Go to our Helpcenter to learn more about the technical background.
Automatic floorplans in BIMcollab ZOOM
BIMcollab ZOOM helps you put visible components in context by displaying footprints, grids, and space info in the 3D view. When this info is shown all at once for all building stories, the legibility of the model can decrease. 

The Automatic floorplans function increases clarity by only showing the floor plans which are relevant to the currently visible components. This function can be enabled by going to View > Automatic floorplans, or enabling the Toggle automatic floorplans.
Using software not integrated with BIMcollab
We are constantly working on getting more and more BIM applications connected to BIMcollab. However, it is possible that one of your team members uses software which is not yet connected. When the application does support the BCF standard, you can exchange issues by using BCF files.

The newest BIMcollab ZOOM is faster, again
This month, we released BIMcollab ZOOM 4.2 with some important improvements. 
We have focused our effort to improve the performance for big projects with a lot of IFC files. Files are loaded multi-threaded now, which results in loading multiple files twice as fast! Our new version for Mac is now also natively supported for Apple Silicon chips with ARM architecture. This results in a 30% increase in performance.

For a full list of improvements, consult the release notes.
Webinar: Sharing your BIM requirements with BIMcollab ZOOM
Don't forget to sign up for our newest webinar: "Sharing your BIM requirements with BIMcollab ZOOM". The webinar will be given in English (March 18th), German (March 30th) and Spanish (March 30th). During this webinar, our BIMcollab expert will take your through topics such as: creating IDM/ILS - and other country specific BIM requirements - with smart views, checking models, sharing requirements with all stakeholders and communicating in an open BIM environment.