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February Edition

You're reading the brand-new BIMcollab Tech Tip. It's specially created to share the latest product developments, recommendations, how-to's and inspiration from our BIM Product Specialists. Enjoy!
Shared items in BIMcollab ZOOM

In the Smart views-, as well as the Clashes- and Lists panels you will find Shared sections. These enable you to quickly and easily share Smart views, Clash rules and List definitions with other team members. Connect to a project, and drag and drop the items which need to be shared from Local to Shared. Other team members will see these items directly in Shared when they connect to the project from BIMcollab ZOOM, and will be able to run them and generate results. Depending on a user's edit rights, they can even modify them.
New feature: Connect to a shared folder in BIMcollab ZOOM

Making sure your whole team is working with the most recent version of all models has become a lot easier since the release of BIMcollab ZOOM 4.0. All it takes is a connection to a project in BIMcollab Cloud and a shared folder which is accessible to all team members. This shared folder can be on a file server or any file sharing application, like Dropbox, BIM360, Trimble Connect or even your local LAN. You can find this feature in BIMcollab ZOOM through File > Project folder…  
Adding new users to a private space

When moving to a private space the adding of a team member to your project becomes a two step process, in contrast to the known workflow in your free BIMcollab Join project:
  1. Add the user to the space. This can be done by Administrators from the administration page of the space, or by Project Leaders who have the right to add users directly from the 'Add team member' dialog of their project.
  2. Add the user to your project as a team member.
Transfer projects from Solibri 9.10 to 9.12

With Solibri 9.12 came the BCF Live Connector. This brings some changes to the workflow between Solibri and BIMcollab Cloud. Read about Solibri's recommendations to transfer your existing projects and issues to the latest version of Solibri in our Helpcenter.
Get started with the BCF Managers

New to BIMcollab? Track and share issues in your own modeling- or modelchecking software with our extensive range of BCF Managers. You can find Quick Start Guides to help you install and start with our BCF Managers in our Helpcenter. Tip: you can use BIMcollab ZOOM as a stand-alone BCF Manager as well on both Windows and Mac.
Webinar: BIMcollab ZOOM the next level

Do you want to know more about the unprecedented possibilities of BIMcollab ZOOM? Join us in this webinar and discover how easy and intuitive model validation can be. Become an expert and take advantage of topics like: aggregating and managing models, creating smart views, fast and easy clash detection and much more. The webinar is free and will be given in English (Feb 18), German (Feb 23) and Spanish (March 2). 

BIMcollab ZOOM 4.1 fixes crash on startup

In the newest release of BIMcollab ZOOM, some users experienced a startup issue where ZOOM would start, show the splash screen and immediately close again. To offer a solution, we recently released an update in which this issue no longer occurs. The only way to solve this specific situation, is by downloading the latest version of ZOOM on our website. Users that did not experience this problem have no need to install this version.
Did you know …

  • … we have an example project with which you can discover all features and workflows of BIMcollab?
  • you can choose your own language preference in your BIMcollab space? The default language is set by the space administrator, but you can choose a different language by clicking on ‘Preferences’ in the gear menu in the upper right corner.

  • … the latest versions of BIMcollab ZOOM/Cloud support the Japanese language?
  • … you can not only view IFC files through the BIM360 integration in BIMcollab Cloud, but native Revit models and Naviswoks NWD- files as well?
  • … you can ask us a question or chat with one of the members of our support team through the chat functionality in our Helpcenter.