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How can I update all of my Smart Issues at the same time? Is it possible to exclude clashes that are irrelevant from a clash rule? Can I easily display properties of elements in the 3D window? These questions (and more) will be answered in this edition of the BIMcollab Tech Tip. Enjoy!
Automatically update Smart Issues
Smart Issues are not static. The clashes they represent can change overtime when they get solved in new models. When one of those new models is added to BIMcollab ZOOM, the Smart Issues can check if the clashes they represent are still present in the model. To automate this process, the issues tab of BIMcollab ZOOM has a button to quickly update all Smart Issues, based on the new models. Not only will the snapshots display the current status of the clashes, issues which only contain solved clashes can also be automatically closed.
Did you start using Smart Issues and still have some questions? Make sure to first check our blogpost answering the 9 most commonly asked questions.
Exclude clashes from the results of a check
Not all clashes in a model are relevant. Some clashes are very small or they exist for example between elements made of soft materials, so they do not have a significant influence on the quality of the model. Therefore, you can choose tolerances when you set up a clash rule. Exclude clashes from the results of a check based on the size of the clash box, which is the overlap of the clashing elements. This gives you a better overview of relevant clashes that need to be resolved.
Display element properties with the Property stamp
To create clear and understandable viewpoints for issues, additional information is sometimes needed. One way to add extra information to a viewpoint is with the Property stamp in BIMcollab ZOOM. With this tool you can display any chosen properties of an element. Choose which properties you want to display in the ‘Property stamp settings’, activate the stamp and simply click on the element whose properties you want to show. An annotation is placed on the element in a color of your choice.
Did you know...
  • You can create a clickable link to another issue in the same project, by using # plus the issue number in the description of an issue or in a comment? 
  • You can double click on any element in the 3D window of BIMcollab ZOOM to quickly zoom to it? 
  • You can send us feedback or questions you have about our software at